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Bloody Monday. Come around.

Sit down and weep.

The beginning is here. With no end in sight.

The crack of dawn as darkness gets pierced and warmth shows up. What will become of us?

We sit here judging at a moments notice. Nice things.

Not so nice things. Old and young.

Things that were fun. Now just irritating.

Like a brown bear clawing inside a beehive. Wanting and lusting after the sweet honeycomb those poor bastard bees worked so hard to make. To satisfy their queen. To be thanked like the mindless drone soldiers they are.

That is how we are starting to operate. Humans without humanity. Without out care and love. Just gross selfishness.

Just blame for our own failures. Blame others. Not ourselves.

Let’s lighten the load on our own loathing by making others empathise with us.

It’s their fault. It’s the job's fault. It’s the health’s fault. It’s the garden worker down the road who works hard for himself but ignores himself, fault...

Bloody, bloody Monday.

What a damn start to the week.

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