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Ah yes, a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization. Not something we have all the time.

It’s a singular moment in time.

A little spec in the darkness of space.

Light breaking through,

A little hope that we will change ourselves, or others or the world as we see, know and feel it.

Oh, it’s a beautiful thing,

An Epiphany. Suddenly a great pause in a forever moving forward part of the world as we know it.

I can sit back here and sip on my black coffee. It’s cold but still tastes good.

I can think of all of the reasons not to keep pushing forward cause going backwards seems to give me solace in finding myself without any effort.

Pushing forward hurts. It causes growth, hurting growth, growth that sometimes kills relationships, love and every other emotion we can feed ourselves.

Edging towards a cliff of uncertainty.

Do I jump? Will you jump with me? All of these questions… Am I being precious or pugnacious with my own inner dialogue?

The alarm clock shrieks like screaming cats in a back ally.

I shock myself awake. Oh. It was only a dream. A dream of the deep thoughts stuck inside the dreams of my soul.

It wasn’t an epiphany, was it?

Or maybe it was. Let’s see how this day goes.

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